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We’re part of the community and cleaning anything under the Sun!  Experience the SonShine difference!

For Phoebe Roberson, dry cleaning is about more than just caring for the clothes; it’s also about creating comfortable relationships.

Phoebe Roberson moved to North Liberty in 2013.  SonShine Dry Cleaners began as an answer to a need within a growing community and a walk in obedience.

Phoebe desired to demonstrate that people deserve quality and care even when it comes to their laundry.  Phoebe’s dry cleaning and customer service  experience stirred the leap of faith to follow through with where God was leading.  At SonShine Dry Cleaners we realize it’s about people, treating people with compassion and care.  We strive to know and remember our customers on a first name basis.


Come and experience the difference of SonShine!


Phoebe Roberson

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