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Laundry Plans
Laundry Plan is a pre-paid monthly Wash & Fold plan.

Quick, Convenient, and Hassle-Free-- Gives you the gift of time & freedom!

How does the monthly laundry plan work?
Save big money using a monthly Laundry Plan
  • Sign-up for your monthly Laundry Plan

  • Fill your Free Laundry Bag

  • Drop off your dirty Laundry Bag

  • Pick-up your Clean Laundry (24 hour turn around)

  • It's quick, its convenient, hassle free and GIVES YOU BACK TIME TO DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY! 

What could you do with 28-36 hours per month? 
What is your time worth? 

Get back to living!
Pre-Paid Laundry Plans promote stress- free living
Laundry Plan


  • 100 lbs

  • $0.99 per lb

  • $2.00 per lb after 100 lbs


What if I go over my monthly pounds in my plan?
Should your usage exceed the amount of your plan, you will be charged the standard per pound rate (currently $2)

What happens if I do not use all of my monthly pounds in my plan?
If you are signed up for automatic renewal, your pounds rollover maximum will be credited to your automatic renewal plan for the next month.

Does my laundry plan include laundered shirts & dry cleaning? 
These plans are only for bulk wash& fold laundry.  Dry Cleaning & Laundered shirts are charged per item. 

How do I get a refund?
No refunds will be issued for partially or completely unused laundry plans.

How can I cancel my laundry plan?
Automatic renewal plans can be canceled at any time by contacting us and making the request.  The plan will remain active until the last day of your current plan.

Can I have free delivery?
Laundry Plans cover the cost of bulk wash & fold.  Additional services such as home or office delivery will be charged per order.

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