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Wash & Fold

Moving, finals, new baby, new job, illness, vacation?  Has your home been over run by Mt. Washmore? 

Our Wash & Fold Service is the perfect solution.  As little as .99/ per pound 

Drop your clothes off at SonShine Dry Cleaners
  • We sort
  • Wash on warm
  • Dry on Medium
  • Fold neatly
  • Wrap up neat & tidy- our gift to you!
         ... all you have to do is put them away.


I only brought in 4 pounds of laundry.  Why was I charged for 12 pounds?
Because all clothes are sorted into to colors & whites and washed individually. Sending in less than 12 pounds is fine, we will charge the 12 pound minimum. 

Can you hang dry items?
No, hang dry items require additional space and time, that we are unable to accommodate with bulk laundry.  Send your items in for dry cleaning and we clean the garment according to the manufacturer's care label. 

How about comforters or repairs?
We are delighted to care for your comforters, repairs, and specialty items.  However, Wash & Fold is for bulk laundry (everyday wears)  Items that need special attention or repair will be priced at our dry cleaning rates.  Not sure?  We are here to help.  Just ask

Are you able to accommodate special detergent requests?
We use bulk commercial laundry detergent in our Wash & Fold orders, if you have special requests, you may bring in your own detergent with your laundry drop-off.  We will be delighted to  accommodate.  Pricing will remain the same. 

Is delivery free with Wash & Fold Service?
Our bulk Wash & Fold prices are so low, that delivery is not included.  However, we are delighted to deliver for a modest delivery fee. 

What could you do with an extra 7 - 9 hours a week?

I would:

  • Play with my kids

  • Read a book

  • Volunteer

  • Hang out with friends

  • Garden

  • Bake

  • Watch a movie

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